Hey Lewis,
I’m Paras

I design, program, write, strategize, market, and sell software on the web; responsibly.
I’m a generalist. Also, love Pokemon and Philosophy.

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Background & Qualifications

CS dropout by traditional standards;
web design enthusiast and problem solver by trade

Currently, I run my own WordPress plugin venture Pixify (solo) since late 2018.

There, I use my cumulated past experiences in product and marketing design, full-stack web development, content writing, and along the way, learned sales, marketing, business management and other aspects.

On the side, I occasionally take freelance projects requiring strategic web design for other businesses.

With this, I’ve developed specific unique knowledge – especially in the WordPress domain – which I can bring to Delicious Brains (DB) to aid in designing interfaces and landing pages that solves problems and results in a win-win for both the business and the customers/users.

I can be the bridge between design, code, and business.

I haven’t worked as an employee at any company. All work has been either for self or as a freelance for clients/agencies. Here’s how I check with the Requirements and Responsiblities mentioned in the job listing:


5 years experience as a product or digital designer
Exactly 5
An expert at using either Sketch or Figma
Figma. Been using it for 3-4 years now
4 hours work overlap in the beginning
Yes. I’m in the IST +0530 timezone, meaning GMT 9:00-13:00 will be 14:30-18:30 at my end. Doable.
Extensive experience designing for the web, including responsive
All the experience is of designing for the web
Made significant contributions to the design of at least one SaaS or mobile app
Have built and designed several micro SaaS apps for myself and clients in the past
Lead the UX for at least one project
Have done that for my Smart Content Filter plugin, and many other past projects too
Experience validating UIs with customers
Collaborated with developers on projects
Yes, on a couple of client projects
Comfortable and confident in technical discussions
Yep. Both frontend and backend
Experience using and editing both bitmaps and vector images
Using, sure. Editing, to an extent
Happy to learn front-end development skills in order to implement designs
Pretty sure I know most of it, though, always on the lookout to learn more about the hidden secrets of DOM and CSS
Self-motivated and work well independently
Self-motivated and work well independently
Comfortable working remotely
That’s actually my preference

Bonus Points

Experience with other design disciplines such as illustration, video and motion graphic work
Video, a little. Illustration and motion graphic, none.
Experience using the Adobe Cloud Suite
A little bit with Affinity Photo. Can do basic photo editing and create simple graphics in Figma.  Though, this is an area where I plan to get better at next.
Front-end development skills
Experience working remotely
Bachelor’s degree or equivalent


Collaborate with product teams to design new UIs and enhance existing ones
Engage with our customers to verify design effectiveness
Work with the marketing team on new designs for our web site, ad campaigns, blog content and print materials
Website and blog content, sure. Though, I may currently lack the necessary skillset for designing above-par eye-catching ad campaign graphics and print materials.
Design new t-shirts and other swag to send to our customers
Keep up to date with the latest UI trends
A regular Dribbble surfer...
Manage your tasks and priorities to ensure that projects are completed as promised


Selected relevant projects from the pool

  • Smart Content Filter

    WordPress Plugin
    Ideation, Product and Marketing Design, Development, Copywriting, Customer Support
    2018 - ongoing
  • WP Table Builder

    WordPress Plugin
    Visual Identity Redesign - Landing Page Designs, Graphics, Copy
  • Designer Powerup Elementor addon

    WordPress Plugin
    Ideation, UI and Marketing Design, Copywriting, Customer Support
    2019 - ongoing
  • Toolfeast Autosuggest

    Keyword Research SaaS
    Ideation, Product Design, Development
    2016 - 2018
    ~6000 registered users
    It's amongst my very initial work as a web designer. Not quite up to par in its design, but will give you an idea of the journey. Got this old screenshot from somewhere on the web..

Values & Approach

An empathetic approach towards strategizing and designing solutions; crafting better human experiences on the web

Empathy is lacking in digital businesses. Priority is given to numbers over humans. Marketing communities boast about successfully using manipulative “growth hacks”.

It sucks.

Design is supposed to work for humans, not against them. Psychology principles are to be learnt to understand humans and aid them better, not to exploit it to our advantage.

Sure, every business has to reduce their CAC and churn, increase their MRR and ARPU, but at what trade-off? Where do we draw the moral line?

I believe practicing empathy as a core value — as a guiding north star — which helps design solutions that are for the good of the people.

As a designer — a bridge between businesses and customers — my role is to help businesses achieve their goal through design while being morally responsible for its positive and non-manipulative impact on the customers.


Why am I applying to work at DB if I already have my own well-functioning business?

In short – I’d now like to level up and help make a greater impact.

Initially, I started Pixify to allow myself independence and to solve problems that I care about, my own way.

That, I think, I’ve managed to achieve - A small niche business happily serving its customers. And at this point, it has stabilized enough to not need my constant attention for the most part. I barely work 2-3 hours/day on it.

And, from the surface, it looks like I and DB share similar values and work ethics, and have a shared interested in web and WordPress.

This, paired with your job listing and the way you laid it out compelled me to give it a shot.

Thanks for reading till here, Lewis. I appreciate your attention.
Looking forward to talking more. Cheers! ✌🏼